Mentoring and Critique Sessions


Critiques and mentoring are now available to book through my shop. 

There is an art to teaching and mentoring, and it's one that is near and dear to me.  I've taken a year or so to pursue other teaching projects, but I'm feeling strongly pulled back in the direction of helping individual artists find and fine tune their voices and technique.  

Critique sessions are now available, via Skype or in person in the Denver area.  I limit sessions to no more than two per week, as I invest a lot of energy and thought into each and every one.  Over the years, I've done over 1,000 critique sessions, with artists of all experience levels and in every genre.  Whether you are looking for technical critique, art development, confidence, or career direction, we'll find the right path for you and help you develop a plan to get there.  And if you're one of the many photographers who just feels stuck and you're not sure what you need, I would love to help you figure out it.  


Critique FAQs

Q.  What kinds of photography do you critique?
A.  All genres and styles.  Whether you are a studio portrait shooter, a travel photographer, a street photographer, a documentary shooter, all are welcome.  I can and have seen and critiqued it all, and I enjoy the variety.

Q.  What level of photographer do you work with?

A.  Again, all levels.  I have worked with 30-year professionals, and the newest of the newbies.  Hobbyists are absolutely welcome.  There is insight to be gained and inspiration to be found at every level, at any time.

Q.  How do I prepare for a critique?

A.  When you purchase your session, you'll receive lots of details on how to prepare.  But generally speaking, I like to see at least 20 - 30 images that reflect who you are as an artist right now.  You may choose to send me to your website, or you can put together a set of images specifically for critique.  All I ask is that we NOT use Facebook for critique purposes.

Q.  Can we use FaceTime instead of Skype?

A.  No, I don't use Facebook or FaceTime for anything critique-related.  That's because both of our Facebook notifications would be constantly dinging and it's an incredible distraction.

Q.  Do you do longterm mentoring?
A.  Absolutely.  If you're looking to do multiple sessions over a period of time, email me and we can set up a plan and a budget that works for you.