There is an art to teaching and mentoring, and it's one that is near and dear to me.  I've taken a year or so to pursue other teaching projects, but I've been strongly pulled back in the direction of helping individual artists find and fine tune their voices and technique.  

Critique sessions are now available, via Skype or in person in the Denver area.  I limit sessions to no more than two per week, as I invest a lot of energy and thought into each and every one.  Over the years, I've done over 1,000 critique sessions, with artists of all experience levels and in every genre.  Whether you are looking for technical critique, art development, confidence, or career direction, we'll find the right path for you and help you develop a plan to get there.  And if you're one of the many photographers who just feels stuck and you're not sure what you need, I would love to help you figure out it.  

When you purchase this critique, you will received a downloadable information page about how to schedule and prepare for your critique.  It's simple and easy to do, and you'll wonder why you didn't jump in sooner!

I can't wait to dig into you and help you find more motivation and inspiration than ever before!


Critique / Mentoring session